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Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization

Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization (PLI)

Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization (PLI) is a specialized technique used in infertility treatment to address specific immunological issues that may be hindering conception. This method involves exposing the female partner to her male partner's lymphocytes in order to stimulate an immune response and increase the chances of successful pregnancy. Embarking on Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization (PLI) in infertility treatment involves a detailed process that requires understanding and preparation. Typically, the procedure begins with screening tests to assess compatibility and immune response levels. Subsequently, the male partner's lymphocytes are extracted and processed before being injected into the female partner. Monitoring and follow-up appointments are essential to track immune system responses and potential outcomes.

Our Procedure for Paternal Lymphocyte Immunization (PLI) Will Include:

  • PLI is used for women who have experienced miscarriages.
  • The aim is to induce immune tolerance towards the fetus.
  • Blood is collected from the father and lymphocytes are isolated.
  • PLI is one of several immunotherapies used in infertility treatment. 

Couples experiencing recurrent miscarriages or implantation failures due to immunological factors may benefit from PLI. Additionally, individuals with a history of autoimmune disorders or immune system abnormalities may find PLI particularly helpful in addressing their fertility concerns. PLI can potentially enhance the success rates of conception for couples facing immunological challenges.

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