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IMSI is a technique used for severe male infertility, employing Nomarski interference contrast microscopy at 6600x magnification to differentiate normal and abnormal sperm before micro-injecting. It analyzes sperm ultrastructure, particularly nuclear vacuoles, enhancing pregnancy and live birth rates while reducing miscarriage rates.

Experience the journey to parenthood with Dr. Aravind's IVF Centre's IMSI program, a variation of ICSI that uses a high-powered microscope to select the healthiest sperm. This meticulous selection enhances pregnancy success compared to standard ICSI, reducing miscarriage risks. Contact us today to embrace the gift of parenthood with IMSI.

Our Procedure for IMSI Will Include:

  • In our IMSI treatment, we will be using a high power light microscope. It will magnify the picture of the sperm 6000 times.
  • This will give a better idea to the embryologist and help them detect healthy sperm which has more subtle structural alterations that are not detectable in a normal microscope.
  • After this, sperm with normal shaped nuclei are selected for further process.
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