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Andrology Fertility Treatment


Andrology lab tests assess male reproductive health. Semen analysis evaluates sperm quality and quantity, including count, motility, and morphology. Sperm DNA fragmentation test assesses DNA integrity crucial for fertilization. Sperm freezing preserves sperm for future use. Sperm retrieval techniques obtain sperm from the male reproductive tract when natural production is impaired. Techniques include PESA, TESA, MESA, TESE, and micro-TESE.

Andrology treatment, supported by our specialists, has proven effective for numerous individuals facing fertility challenges. Our specialists provide comprehensive assistance to infertile couples, guiding them through the obstacles to successfully achieve parenthood. Despite the difficulties, our range of solutions ensures that we make parenthood possible for those in need.

Our Procedure for Andrology Will Include:

  • Our andrology laboratory will diagnose semen thoroughly.
  • We will be serving the needs of our patients and general practitioners.
  • We will provide you with the greatest solution that will provide you desired outcome.
  • Increase your chances of becoming a parent by reaching out to our support team. We will develop the finest andrology solutions at a reasonable rate.

So, your chances of becoming a parent will undoubtedly increase; all you need to do is communicate with our support team, and we will develop the finest solution in the shape of Andrology and that too at very reasonable rate.

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