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Ask a Sexologist or Male Infertility Specialist Online. Couple or Men only Counselling. ‎Erectile Dysfunction. ‎Online Sexologist 24/7.

Who must approach our best Andrologist / sexologist?

  • Men who are facing Low desire in sexual life
  • erectile dysfunction
  • painful coitus or sex,
  • unnecessary sexual addiction,
  • couples who need therapy for sexual performance and more.

Book an online consultation or live direct appointments to understand the exact sexual issues or difficulties and improve physical intimacy.

Our Procedure for MEN SEXUAL HEALTH Will Include:

    Our Service for MEN (Male Fertility and Sexual health) Includes:

    Services at our best IVF and Male infertility Center includes

    • Basic Semen Analysis,
    • Level 2 comprehensive semen analysis with detailed morphology check,
    • Level 3 comprehensive semen analysis with DFI - DNA fragmentation Index,
    • Basic blood profile Tests,
    • Basic Hormone test including FSH, LH, Testosterone and Prolactin,
    • TFT Thyroid function testing,
    • Scrotal doppler scans

    which also helps in identifying presence of varicocele. 

    Men sexual health department is also one of highly functional unit offering care with presence of high qualified best sexologist Infertility Specialist offering Men sexual health councelling, tests for Men pre marital and Male post marital check up with best sexologist specialist available in branches at Coimbatore, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kozhikode. Other services at our Male Fertility clinic includes Scrotal doppler scans, Trans Rectal scans, Whole abdomen scan, Penile doppler scans,  

    Best Sexologist at Chennai, Bengaluru, Coimbatore

    Male Fertility micro surgical treatments include

    • TESA,
    • MESA ,
    • PESA,
    • Micro TESA,
    • undescended testes correction orchidopexy. 

    Men sexual health related procedures like

    • EECP,
    • hydrocele repair
    • varicocele repair,
    • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy,
    • Stapler circumcision,
    • Phimosis and Para Phimosis repair correction
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