Is age a factor behind multiple failures of pregnancies?

Yes! Age is a big factor behind multiple miscarriages. Women older than 35 have a 20% risk of miscarriage, and the ones who are 40 have an 80% chance of failure of pregnancy. So, this shows how age is certainly one of the primary reasons behind pregnancy failure.

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What are the causes of multiple failures of pregnancies?

There are several causes behind multiple failures of pregnancies. Mostly it has been found that the fetus is not developing as expected, and this leads to failure. You need to be very careful in all the trimesters and do as your doctor says to avoid any such situation.

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What does not cause multiple miscarriages?

There are several myths revolving around the failure of pregnancies. You must not entertain the myths and boost your stress level. Routine activities like exercising regularly, sexual activities, or even working don't lead to miscarriages. There are many other reasons that lead to it that need to be assessed by taking the assistance of a specialist.

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What are the risks that can lead to multiple miscarriages?

There are several risks that can be the reason behind multiple miscarriages. It can be your age, previous health conditions, problems related to cervical, alcohol issues, weight, and many more. All these aspects can be the reasons that are making you suffer from multiple miscarriages.

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How to prevent miscarriage?

There is always a way that can help you prevent a failure of pregnancy. All you need to do is to take good care of yourself and your baby. For the same, you must consider opting for regular prenatal care and avoid all the risk factors that lead to miscarriage. You must seek medical attention whenever you are having any kind of issue to avoid the same at the earliest.

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